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This Weekend: Everything!
Photo by Melanie Stengel

Photo by Melanie Stengel

Maybe its the giant rainbow currently beaming across downtown New Haven, last night’s full moon briefly threatening to crush the horizon, or the city celebrating its 375th birthday but there seems to be all whole lot of ‘something’ going on in New Haven right now. That ‘something’ seems to also be manifesting itself in a whole mess of ass-kicking shows this weekend. It would be damn near impossible to cover everything so here’s a rundown of some of the events we’re most excited about….

Javelin, Jamaican Queens, If Jesus Had Machine Guns (DJ) @ The Outer Space
8pm / 21+ / $10 / Manic Productions presents /

Garbage Barge, Tester, Nasty Disaster, Javier/Los DishDogs @ Cherry St. Station
8pm / 21+ / $5 / https://www.facebook.com/events/481308508582324/

The Proud Flesh (Record Release), Hanging Hills, Johnny Mainstream @ Cafe 9
8:30pm / 21+ / $5 / https://www.facebook.com/events/419543721462500/

Meriden Daffodil Festival, Day 1 @ Hubbard Park including Hostage Calm, The Manchurians, The Alternate Routes, Mark Mulcahy, Goodnight Blue Moon, The Guru, 1974, Daphne Lee Martin, Elison Jackson, The Furors and many more.
10am-9pm / All Ages / FREE / http://www.daffodilfest.org

New Haven 375 @ New Haven Green
1-4pm / All Ages / FREE / http://www.infonewhaven.com/NHV375

Lord Fowl, Backwoods Payback, Sun Gods in Exile, Super Machine @ The Space
9pm / All-Ages / $8 / https://www.facebook.com/events/146902925490185/

Howly Dogs, Hubbell Mountain, Orkestar BAM! @ Elm Bar
9pm / 21+ / $3 / https://www.facebook.com/events/536929343024131/

M.T. Bearington, Cold Fur, Life Eaters, Sperm Donor @ Anna Liffey’s
9pm / 21+ / $7 / Safety Meeting Records presents /

Reverberation (DJ) @ Rudy’s
9pm / 21+ / $ / https://www.facebook.com/events/158509630978557/

Meriden Daffodil Festival, Day 2 @ Hubbard Park including Little Ugly, Paper Hill Casket Company, The Peacock Flounders, Breakthrough Frequencies, Rob Messore, Christopher Bousquet, The Mold Monkies and more.
10am-5pm / All Ages / FREE / http://www.daffodilfest.org

Titus Andronicus, The So So Glos, Chris Cappello (Full Band) @ The Space
7pm / All Ages / $15 / Presented by Manic Productions /

The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, Royal Thunder, Xenosis @ Toad’s Place
7pm / All Ages / $18/$20 / http://www.toadsplace.com/

Best get yourself out of the house this weekend!


Not to be forgotten amongst all of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at Cafe Nine this week is the Mountain Movers / Able Anchors / Tallahassee show occurring this Tuesday, March 16th. One of the more consistently great bands in the New Haven area, The Mountain Movers brand of hooky-psychedelica has always been worth checking out, both live and on record. The most recent effort from songwriter Dan Greene & Co. ‘The Day Calls Out For You’ (released by locals Safety Meeting Records) has received some positive response in local media, both for Greene’s ever spellbinding songs and its ‘back to basics’ approach to the band’s sound.

Joining The Mountain Movers will be fellow locals Able Anchors. Led by singer/songwriter Thomas Nystrom, Able Anchors hits closer to folk than anything psychedelic, with sometimes subtle / sometimes obvious pop sensibilities shining through. Nystrom’s heartfelt lyrics and vocal delivery in particular carry a lot of the group’s repertoire although on songs such as ‘Pop Song,’ the band’s instrumentation really shines, creating a great melodic accompaniment. Check out their Bandcamp page for a listen to their 3 song ‘Paper Demo.’

Rounding out the bill will be Providence by way of Boston by way of Philadelphia’s Tallahassee (confused yet? i am…). Although their geographic origin may be somewhat less than straightforward, Tallahassee’s musical approach is much more discernible. With instrumentation like guitar, dobro, upright bass, violin, lap steel and mandolin, you can really feel a strong Americana pull to their musical approach. The world-weary tone to their songs wouldn’t feel out of place on a long drive out west in a beat up pickup truck. The band itself is currently on the road in support of their most recent offering ‘Wolfe Moon’ which can be previewed/purchased online through the band’s Myspace page.

If you’re looking for a night’s respite from all the Irish drinking songs as of late, but not the drinking or the good songs, Cafe 9 is the place for you tomorrow night.

If When You Go:
Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

Bands of GPSCY vs. The Sound Police: The Heroism, The History, The Hope
February 2, 2010, 1:47 am
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As anyone who attended last week’s vastly under-attended (but not shut down!) Drink Up Buttercup/Cavemen Go show can attest, Yale’s GPSCY bar is one of the most underutilized live music venues in the city of New Haven. The upstairs ballroom, complete with a decent-sized stage and bar area, is the perfect size room for local, regional and/or even upcoming national acts. It is precisely the size room that downtown New Haven has lacked for some time now, perhaps since the Tune Inn closed in 2002. Although the sound system could use some work (according to the operations staff on at last week’s show, they’re hoping to remedy this in the near future), one is hard-pressed to envision a better set up for small to mid-sized acts in New Haven right now. To some this may be old news, especially those who put on the multitude of shows that occurred at the venue in the ’80s and ’90s or to Safety Meeting‘s Carlos Wells who tried (and ultimately failed after several noise complaints) to reintroduce regular shows to the venue last year.

So why the under usage you ask? As the story goes, the problems are two-fold. After years of hosting live music back in the day, GPSCY was forced to stop holding regular live music shows due to the construction of residential apartments nearby the venue. Apparently the residents of said new apartments had issues with the noise of living in the middle of a city (one would then beg to ask, why live in the middle of a city in the first place??) and logged several noise complaints against the GPSCY. The same scenario played out again last year when consecutive shows presented by Safety Meeting were shut down for much the same reason.

In addition to the noise issues, there also seems to be resistance from the Yale community at large in regards to bands (especially non-student bands) playing at the GPSCY. Without getting too bogged down in back-story, the GPSCY, for the most part, operates just like any other bar/venue in the city….except for the fact that Yale owns the property and building that houses the GPSCY. In addition GPSCY receives their utilities and a small amount of funding from Yale, as allocated by the Graduate Senate (most of their revenue is made the old-fashioned way and from an annual membership program open to anyone 21+). One can surmise though that continuously having non-student bands with a regular non-student audience at an on campus venue partially funded by Yale may seem like a conflict of interest for the University (after all, it should be primarily for student usage, right?). Overlooked, of course, is the fact that such a situation would only benefit the University with increased revenues from the larger audiences and, overall, help to nullify (at least temporarily) the seemingly ever-present ‘Townie v. Yalie’ divide present in the city..but that’s a whole other story.

All is not lost though. Generally speaking, the current operations staff at the GPSCY seems highly receptive to the idea of having more shows at the venue, even at one point asking the bands how they could make the venue better. And for the record, non-students are allowed in on most nights, although usually for a small fee. Perhaps somehow, and in some way, a compromise can be reached that would address the concerns of both Yale University and GPSCY’s super-sensitive neighbors in a way that would benefit all. With so few venues now available for live music in New Haven, the addition of any venue, especially one with qualities like the GPSCY, would be a welcome one.

Safety Meeting and Tweefort present M.T. BEARINGTON, LA STRADA, THE FICTIONAL WEST @ Rudy’s – Feb. 6th
February 1, 2010, 11:02 pm
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Safety Meeting and Tweefort have teamed up to present a three band bill at Rudy’s this Saturday, February 6th. Included are locals M.T. Bearington and The Fictional West as well as Brooklyn’s La Strada.

La Strada is best likened as an indie/chamber pop outfit which incorporates strings and accordion into their instrumentation. The band is currently playing a few sparse dates before heading down to Austin, Texas for SXSW. In the meantime be sure and stop by the Rude to check them out for yourself.

Also performing will be locals M.T. Bearington. Matt Thomas and company will soon be supporting former ‘Stavenites Mates of State at the Space later in the month and on a mini-tour of the Northeast. They are best described as psych-driven indie rock with some solid songwriting to boot. From all accounts they’ve been killing it live lately so make sure you don’t miss their set.

Last but not least will be the Fictional West. Although not so fictional, this New Haven based trio combines interests in indie pop and ’80s new wave sounds with satirical themes to create some nice low-key tunes in the process. The band recently released a single on the recently expanded Tweefort so make sure you check it out.

If You Go:
Safety Meeting and Tweefort present

@ Rudy’s
21+ / $4
music starts around 10pm

Manic Productions presents VETIVER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TITLES @ The Space – Jan. 22nd

Manic Productions strikes again with another killer show in a string of killer shows this Friday, January 22nd at The Space. Performing will be none other than San Francisco’s Vetiver, Brattleboro, VT.’s Happy Birthday and New Haven’s own Titles. Vetiver is currently in the early dates of a national tour, the latest in a series of shows in support of last year’s Tight Knit LP released on Sub Pop. The indie-folk group, led by singer/songwriter Andy Cabic, is currently riding a wave of buzz both for their own musical merits and for their association with off and on collaborator, and current buzz king, Devendra Banhart. Joining Vetiver will be Sub Pop labelmate and Brattleboro, Vermont natives Happy Birthday. The unlikely success of this band is, in hindsight, not surprising given their unique pop sensibilities and sheer likability. Look out for their self-titled debut in March. Last, but not least, will be local openers Titles. Now in their fifth year, Titles will be playing their first show in over 6 months. The indie-pop quartet has garnished lots of positive press both locally and regionally with its last album ‘Up With the Sun’ landing on iTunes best of 2008 list. The band is currently readying its newest album Dirt Bell due out in late February/early March on Safety Meeting Records. Expect to see a modified lineup of the band following the departure of guitarist Matt Wilson last year.

If You Go:
Manic Productions presents
TITLES (Safety Meeting)

The Space
ALL AGES / $10 adv./$12 at door
7pm doors