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June 2011 NHM Artists of the Month – Snake Oil, Old Man Lady Luck

So, eleven days into June and we’ve finally selected our Artists of the Month (yeah, we know, about time!). Without further delay, the NHM Artists of the Month are….(drum roll, please)…Snake Oil and Old Man Lady Luck!

‘Snake’ who? ‘Old Man’ what?

Snake Oil is a new instrumental collective spearheaded by drummer extraordinaire Jason Labbe. Comprised of current and former members of Weigh Down, Titles, The Mountain Movers, Atrina, Charles Burst, Latitude/Longitude and Meridians (among others), Snake Oil was initially conceived as a recording-only side project to Labbe’s former main band, Weigh Down. After Weigh Down ran its course, Labbe began dedicating more and more time to working on Snake Oil, in the process bringing in a dozen or so musicians to assist on the project. After a few months of production, the collective had finished a cache of recordings which ultimately formed the running order of Snake Oil’s fantastic self-titled debut album.

Self-released by the band this past Tuesday (June 7th) in vinyl and digital formats, Snake Oil is nothing short of a revelation for those unfamiliar with Labbe’s never-ending well of creativity. Beats (both acoustic and electronic) collide off bass grooves, guitars, keys, synths and percussion with utmost ease as if the instrumentation itself were always meant to be combined in this way. Equal parts funky and spacey, Snake Oil is the rare instrumental album that keeps your attention throughout and doesn’t let go until the final drum hit. Its as if your mind and ears have no other choice but to submit to the aural sermon that is Snake Oil, blindly following each snare roll and bass lick ad nauseam. No other God or stimulation required. Of course, this is not to suggest that Snake Oil overstays its welcome at all. At 9 tracks and just over 30 minutes, Snake Oil avoids the common instrumental album mis-step of overwhelming length, instead focusing on quality not quantity. And with a production this adept at sonic placement and attention to detail, each subsequent listen yields more rewards. Be sure to pick up a copy via the band’s website snakeoilsounds.com or at Redscroll Records. In addition, you can catch Snake Oil live next Friday, June 17th at Cafe Nine as they celebrate the album’s release with fellow locals Atrina and DJ Shaki.

Photo by Miss Angie Chambers

Old Man Lady Luck fit the definition of ‘power trio’ to the T. Featuring members of gonzo-riffsters like the Vultures, Bloarzeyd, Humanoid, Murdervan, The Black Noise Scam and Atrina, Old Man Lady Luck knows how to bring the rock (and also the roll). With this said, don’t expect to hear some kind of boogie-woogie old-time music or an endless barrage of guitar pyro-technics, these guys are HEAVY (with all caps). Inter-changing between funeral pace doom and mid-tempo evilness, Old Man Lady Luck succeeds well at keeping things interesting. Their willingness to experiment with and evolve their riffs especially helps to break up any monotony created by tempo and tone. Although all three members are locked in throughout, bassist Warren Brelsford and guitarist Phil Law seem particularly well paired, playing off each other with ease. In addition drummer Andre Roman’s propulsive percussive work never lets the band’s songs become too sedentary.

This past May, Old Man Lady Luck celebrated the release of their debut self-titled album with a now rare Sunday performance at New Haven’s BAR. Recorded in Chicago with legendary producer (sorry, ‘engineer’) Steve Albini (and mastered by Bob Weston), the album is comprised of six tracks, all untitled. The production and performance is warm, full and crisp, showcasing the band’s unique interplay and dirgy sound in a way that only Mr. Albini could capture well. Be sure to pick up a copy on vinyl via the band’s Bandcamp page or, if you need your fix quicker, download a digital copy free. Old Man Lady Luck will be performing tonight as part of a four band riff-fest at New Haven’s Cafe 9 along with Skeletons In The Piano, VRSA and Treebeard. Bring earplugs and a neck-brace.

OLD MAN LADY LUCK, ZEVIOUS @ Rudy’s – Feb. 27th
February 25, 2010, 9:33 pm
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(flyer by Steve Ross)
If this show billing looks familiar to you, it should. This the one and only intact billing left from the canceled BAR/Sundazed series formerly brought to you by Shaki Presents. Originally scheduled for January 17th, this show has taken on a second life of sorts on a new date (Saturday, February 27th) and at a new venue (Rudy’s). Although exponentially smaller than the backroom at BAR, Rudy’s shouldn’t dampen the effect these bands will have on their unsuspecting New Haven audience. NYC trio Zevious offers an interesting mix of jazz and instrumental free-form rock. The band seamlessly flows from one slippery riff to another, churning out complex melodies, solos and arrangements with abandon. They instantly demand your full attention and never let go. This show will be the band’s only CT stop on their March East Coast/Midwest tour, so make sure you stop by.

Joining Zevious, will be New Haven supergroup Old Man Lady Luck. Featuring members of The Vultures, Humanoid, The Black Noise Scam, Murdervan and Bloarzeyd, Old Man Lady Luck mirror Zevious’ penchant for free-form instrumental rock although not on such a manic level. Their dynamic arises from a shared love of the ‘loud-quiet-loud’ formula, launching from subtlety to bludgeoning riffage in a matter of seconds. As far as pairings go, Old Man Lady Luck offsets Zevious’ overt jazz tendencies almost perfectly, offering some seriously inventive stoner/experimental rock in the process.

For fans of free-form instrumental rock or for those wondering what direction the Sundazed series would have followed had it not been so unceremoniously ended, look no further.

If You Go:
OLD MAN LADY LUCK (New Haven supergroup)
21+ / $3
music starts after 10pm

Master Of None Grand Opening and After Party w/BABY G, OLD MAN LADY LUCK, LORD FOWL, SKRATCH HAPPY – Feb. 6th

Master of None, the new photographers studio, gallery and film space from local photographer/artist Jaime Arabolos, will be holding a grand opening party this Saturday, February 6th from 5-9pm. Free food and drink will be provided by BruCafe. There will also be a performance by local singer/songwriter Baby G. Black tie/gown attire is suggested for this portion of the event but don’t let that discourage you from dropping by.

After the grand opening proper winds down, the party will be moved down the street to the much more casual Cafe Nine. Appearing at the ‘Nine will be local hard rock trios Old Man Lady Luck (a supergroup of sorts featuring members of The Vultures, Murdervan, Atrina, Humanoid and The Black Noise Scam), Lord Fowl and Skratch Happy. All three bands are super-adept at grinding out the rock and the riffage, so be prepared to let loose!

With the vast of array of shows already scheduled (see previous posts and calendar), Saturday in New Haven is quickly becoming the place to be this weekend. Don’t stay home!

If You Go:
Master of None Grand Opening
Master of None
(located 978 State St., New Haven)
5-9pm / FREE / Black Tie


Master of None After-Party
Cafe Nine
21+ / $4 cover
music starts after 10pm

Eula, Old Man Lady Luck, Electric Bucket, Kimono Draggin’ @ Daniel St. – Jan. 14th

When I first saw this show listed on the Local Takeover Myspace page, I had to rub my eyes just to make sure I wasn’t seeing it wrong. But yeah, this killer locals only show is for real and is really happening next Thursday, January 14th. Kimono Draggin’, coming off their double CD release show last month at Cafe 9, would alone be worth the trek out to Milford’s Daniel Street. Add in Eula, Old Man Lady Luck and Electric Bucket, all bands known for killing it on their own, and you’ve got yourself quite a show. DO NOT MISS IT!

If You Go (and if you don’t, you should be ashamed…):
Local Takeover presents

@ Daniel St.
21+ / $5 cover
9pm start