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NHM Update/Inactivity
September 9, 2014, 2:02 pm
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As anyone who has checked this blog recently knows, things have been pretty quiet around here for a while, and will most likely remain so for a while longer. We deactivated all of our resource pages, shows calendar, and links for the time being as most of them are out-of-date or completely unused right now. All previous WordPress blog posts (spanning 2009-2013) are still live, if only for archive purposes. As a whole, we are not sure if or when this blog will ever be reactivated. In the meantime, please check out NHV.org which does an outstanding job covering all things New Haven (not just music). Our old friends at CTIndie.com keep plugging away as well and are always worth a gander. Finally, please do not try and contact us in regards to setting up shows and/or jumping on billings; we never really had our hands in doing so, and surely do not now. Thanks all!