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A call for shows, bands…
January 6, 2010, 8:09 pm
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As an aside, we’re still working on filling up the Shows Calendar and Bands page. If anyone would like to submit their shows and/or band websites for inclusion, please e-mail us at nhm.newhavenmusic@gmail.com. Thanks!
Please, carry on….

“The Dead Shall be Raised”

After a half-baked relaunch attempt in early 2009 failed, NHM retreated into the shadowed tunnels of the New Haven underground. Initially, NHM turned its back on the city and music scene that it had, only months prior, helped celebrate and nurture. Many days passed into many nights, bands broke up, venues shut down or shunned local music; people stopped caring. It was a dark time, indeed. But alas, NHM has returned, a little older, perhaps even a little wiser. Now armed with a completely redesigned site and a renewed obsession with the New Haven music scene, NHM is back and here to stay. SUPPORT NHM, SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!