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Drinkdeeply presents HUMANOID, XPUNX, NEUROSPORA @ Cafe 9 – Jan. 27th
January 25, 2010, 6:44 pm
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While we’re on the subject of Cafe Nine, this Wednesday, January 27th Drinkdeeply (a.k.a. Margaret) will be presenting three local bands at the ‘Nine: Humanoid, XPunX and Neurospora. Neurospora’s full on, creepy crawly distortion may be a turn off to some but after repeating listens (and a patient ear), it becomes surprisingly refreshing (at least in comparison to the never ending pop assault heard daily on FM radio). Much the same can be said about Humanoid, a band that revels in creepy super-slow motion guitar sludge (Neurosis anyone?) yet somehow manage to suck you in and keep your attention anyway. Goofy synth-poppers XpunX are the odd-man out on this bill, providing a needed relaxation of intensity from the other bands.

If You Go:
Drinkdeeply presents

@ Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

Last Minute Show Update! Baby G, Pink Iron Fluff (members of Murdervan) @ Cafe 9 – TONIGHT

In a last minute bill change, New Haven’s Baby G will be filling in for a sickened Josh Decay (of the West Rockers) tonight at Cafe 9. Presented by Drinkdeeply (a.k.a. Margaret), Baby G will be joined by Pink Iron Fluff, a band which features members of local hard-rockers Murdervan. Drinkdeeply will return later this month for another show at the Nine on January 27th featuring Humanoid, Xpunx and Neurospora, all equally capable of creating a mind-deafening roar.

If You Go:
Drinkdeeply presents

@ Cafe Nine
21+, FREE
show starts at 10pm