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Shaki presents MV+EE and the Golden Road, Flower/Corsano Duo @ Popeye’s Garage, April 15th

Shaki Presents brings MV+EE and the Golden Road and the Flower/Corsano Duo to the recently rejuvenated Popeye’s Garage this Friday, April 15th for a night of blissed out psych and experimentalism.

Hailing from Vermont, MV+EE (aka Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) create a unique blend of Appalachian folk, Indian raga-style compositions and psychedelic experimentalism which they self-describe as ‘lunar-ragas.’ Often performing in more subdued acoustic tones, the group periodically adds more electric instrumentation to their set, which they will apparently be doing for this show.

Like MV+EE, the UK based Flower/Corsano Duo defy easily genre categorization, coming across as an eastern-influenced mix of jazz, psych and, at times, cranked to ten noise. Corsano’s dynamic and inventive drumming, in particular, keeps the duo from ever sounding stale, alternating between endless rolls and rhythm at will.

This is a must-see show for fans of psych and eastern-influenced experimentalism. Be sure to get there early!

If When You Go:
Friday, April 15th
Shaki presents
MV+EE and the Golden Road
Flower/Corsano Duo

@Popeye’s Garage
50 Goffe Street / New Haven
All Ages / 7pm* / $7*


Popeye’s Garage reopens for a series of shows this month

Mmmm, Popeye’s….

Downtown New Haven’s community-run performance space/gallery, Popeye’s Garage, has re-opened for a series of shows this month. After originally closing its doors for good last October, Popeye’s Garage unexpectedly endured over the endless winter of 2010/2011 for a couple of one off shows. And after another one-off show in early March (featuring regulars Colorguard, among others), and with warmer weather on the horizon, Popeye’s Garage organizers seem to have gotten the green light to put the space back into regular use. This unexpected news is a welcome relief for the local music community which, after starting 2011 with a great deal of hope for the coming year, has had to deal with some terrible losses as of late. Hopefully the re-emergence of Popeye’s can at least partially help get New Haven back on its feet.

April 2011 Schedule (all dates/bands subject to change):
4/7Dust From A Thousand Years, Pillow Skin, The Book Slave / 7pm / $5 donation, 4/15MV+EE and the Golden Road, Flower Corsano Duo + 1TBA / *5pm* / $7 donation, 4/22Queening (Brooklyn noise rock) + 2TBA / 7pm / $5 donation, 4/24 – Dog Lady (Baltimore noise), Eagles Breast (Boston noise), Scorpio and Glass, Sickness (CT noise legend), Reviver (CT harsher) / 7pm / $5 donation, 4/26Moonrises (Chicago psych rock, members of Plastic Crimewave Sound, Tiger Hatchery) / 7pm / $5 donation, 4/29 – Popeye’s Garage Benefit show (Bands TBA) / 7pm / $5 donation

@ Popeye’s Garage
(near Popeye’s Chicken)
New Haven, CT.