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MIXTAPE (Record Release), GOODNIGHT BLUE MOON @ Jennifer Jane Gallery – Feb. 27th
February 23, 2010, 6:05 pm
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This Saturday, February 27th at Jennifer Jane Gallery, Mixtape celebrates the New Haven release of their debut self-titled EP. Currently based out of both New Haven and New York City, Mixtape was originally founded by local jazz pianist Craig Hartley in early 2009. Hartley, who is the group’s primary songwriter, fleshed out the group over the course of 2009 adding vocalist Karlie Bruce, guitarist Eli Friedmann, bassist Jake Cohen and drummer Ismail Lawal in the process. Mixtape’s music can be best described as atmospheric-pop with the group’s CD Baby page citing Fiona Apple, Radiohead and the Beatles as reference points for the band’s sound. The band is clearly much more than your standard moody alterna-pop band though, displaying more inherent knowledge of dynamics and musicianship than most ‘rock’ or ‘pop’ bands combined. This energy carries over particularly well in a live setting which allows the band to display the full range of their talents. Highly recommended, to say the least.

Joining Mixtape will be local Indie-Americana outfit Goodnight Blue Moon. Another musical revelation of sorts, Goodnight Blue Moon presents a modernized take on traditional Americana and folk traditions with some catchy songs and arrangements to boot. Among the group’s seven members one can find all sorts of lush instrumentation including guitar, cello, violin, mandolin, banjo, bass, trumpet and percussion. The orchestral quality of the group never overcomes the songs though instead serving only to enhance the nuances and possibilities of the melody and arrangements. Of the songs included on the band’s Myspace page, “Dark Clouds” gets caught in my head the most although the band’s other songs are just as respectable. Again, Goodnight Blue Moon’s music should translate well live and is highly recommended for fans of folk and indie-pop.

If You Go:
MIXTAPE (Record Release)
Jennifer Jane Gallery
(838 Whalley Ave. at West Rock Ave.)
21+? / FREE
music starts after 9pm