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Renovation 9
January 3, 2011, 7:30 pm
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Cafe 9, quite possibly the most consistent 21+ music venue in the area (both for the quality of its shows and for the sheer quantity of bands that grace its stage), will be closing its doors next week to undergo major renovations. Starting Monday, January 10th, the Nine will go dark for approximately 18 days (the venue’s show schedule reconvenes January 28th) while renovations are completed. What kind of renovations you ask? Well, according to sources in the know, changes will be made not only to the stage area (which will be enlarged) but also to the venue’s entrances (which will be reconfigured), bar (which will be moved further back from the stage) and restrooms (which will be completely redone). Rumors of the pending renovations have been circulating since this past Fall and will continue owner Paul Mayer’s gradual improvements to the venue in recent years (in addition to improvements to the stage and sound system, Mayer had previously removed the once burdensome divider wall near the bar). We hope to have pictures of Cafe 9’s new configuration up later in the month.

In the meantime, please check out the venue’s upcoming run of shows: 1/3 – Beatnik 2000 featuring Johnny Java, School Safety Patrol, Silver Bitch, 1/4 – Silver Alert Fugitive, Low Brow Boys, 1/5 – Loves It!, Jonny Rodgers, 1/6 – The Iguanas, The Bandidos, 1/7 – (5pm) Happy Hour w/Chuck Roscoe, 1/7 – (9pm) Sasquatch and the Sick-a-billys, The Egos, 1/8 – (4:30pm) Jazz Jam w/Gary Grippo, 1/8 – (9pm) Ponybird, Goodnight Blue Moon, MT Bearington (duo), 1/9 – Open Jam w/Cobalt Rhythm Kings.

Please visit the Cafe 9 website for information on any of its upcoming shows.