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March 25, 2010, 11:49 pm
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If you like loud, fast, riff heavy rock n’ roll, better make your way down to Cafe 9 this Friday, March 26th. Appearing will be Philadelphia’s purveyors of greasy-spoon hard rock American Speedway as well as New Haven’s own riff-kings The Vultures. American Speedway, who have a new album set to arrive this summer on Prophase Music, bring on their rock assault with punk intensity, volleying from one song to next like they were, well, on a speedway. My first impression of their music brought up memories of similarly minded ’90s garage-rock bands like Gas Huffer or the Supersuckers: lots of guitars, lots of grime, lots of ‘rawk’ persona and with a bit more edge than your standard hard rock band. Joining American Speedway will be New Haven faves The Vultures. Although just as capable of churning out the punk rawk as American Speedway, The Vultures take a more cultured approach mixing in elements of jazz, metal and surf-rock to the madness. If you haven’t caught them yet, shame on you; here’s your chance at redemption.

If When You Go:
@ Cafe Nine
21+ / $5 cover
music starts after 10pm


Manic Productions presents WRENCH IN THE WORKS (Record Release), ROBOTS AND EMPIRE, THE LOWS, GODS AND QUEENS, SABOTAGE, COLD SNAP @ Prospect VFW – March 27th

This Saturday, March 27th Manic Productions will be presenting a six-band, all-ages hardcore/metal/punk bill featuring Wrench In The Works at the Prospect VFW Hall. At this particular show Hartford’s Wrench In The Works will be celebrating the release of their newest record ‘Decrease/Increase’ out on California based Facedown Records. Wrench In The Works has slowly gained a reputation as one of the region’s better hardcore/metal outfits, more often than not breathing new life into the often confining genre with a mix of precision musicianship and original arrangements. This isn’t to say they are not still capable of brutal aggression at times which, based on their new material, they most certainly are. Joining Wrench will be Poughkeepsie, NY.’s Robots and Empire and Philly’s Gods and Queens as well as Connecticut’s own The Lows, Sabotage and Cold Snap, all of whom complement the headliner well. For those at all into hardcore, post-hardcore, metal or aggressive yet compelling music in general, this show is, without a doubt, worth the trek upstate.

If When You Go:
Manic Productions presents
WRENCH IN THE WORKS (Record Release)
@ Prospect VFW
(218 Cheshire Road, Prospect)
ALL AGES / $8 adv./$10 door
doors open at 6pm


This Thursday, March 25th Oakville/New Haven’s Singing Bridges will be performing at Cafe Nine alongside Berlin, CT’s Elison Jackson and the Bohemians. Now a trio, Singing Bridges is currently performing shows in support of their new 5 song EP ‘Three Trains.’ The EP was released this past November on the Oakville, CT.-based Skipping Stones Records, which just happens to be run by Singing Bridges’ husband & wife rhythm section William Knapp and Christine Jewell. Their current musical direction can be best-likened to late 80’s/early ’90s jangle-pop a la 4AD Records. The band’s melodies are kept simple but arranged in a manner that retains their freshness upon repeated listens. Jewell’s vocals in particular add an element of innocence to the songs that only further enhance their catchiness. Joining Singing Bridges will be indie-folksters Elison Jackson & The Bohemians. Although firmly based in country and folk, Elison Jackson shares Singing Bridges adeptness at creating memorable songs from seemingly simple melodies (with special attention paid towards the vocals as well). The quartet is currently readying their first record to be released this Spring. You can check out a sampling of tracks on the band’s Myspace page. If you’re fan of simple yet effective melodic pop and folk, this show is for you.

If When You Go:
@ Cafe 9
21+ / $4 cover
music starts after 9pm

Drinkdeeply presents BLACK STEEL PEACOCK, THE CLEARER @ Cafe 9 – March 24th
March 22, 2010, 7:04 pm
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On March 24th, DJ Drinkdeeply presents the latest installment of her long-running Wednesday night live music series at Cafe Nine. Performing will be Fitchburg, Massachusetts’ noise mavens Black Steel Peacock as well as New Haven’s own The Clearer. Never one to shy away from musical variety, Drinkdeeply’s Wednesday night series has seen everything from acoustic singer/songwriter shows to punk, metal and noise-rock bands. Black Steel Peacock falls on the experimental end of the spectrum, blurring the line between what can be classified as music and what can be classified merely as noise. Lots of synth-generated bleeps, textures and static are the name of the game with this group. On the relatively more structured end of the musical spectrum is The Clearer. Featuring former members of Elm City stalwarts Shiv, The Clearer follow the more typical indie-rockesque vocals/guitar/bass/drums format although with some atypical song arrangements. Although The Clearer is a bit more straightforward musically, they are not a pop band. More often they rely on a varying sonic palette, some creative tempo changes and the always pleasing ‘loud/quiet/loud’ (or is it quiet/loud/quiet?). Both groups are challenging in different ways but ultimately rewarding with their results.

If When You Go:
Drinkdeeply presents
@ Cafe 9
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

NHM + CTIndie?
March 19, 2010, 9:13 am
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Yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. In the coming weeks and months, NHM will be collaborating with CTIndie (a.k.a. the best source of information on independent music in Connecticut) to help bring you even better coverage of local music happenings both in New Haven and throughout the state. Since NHM and CTIndie’s ideals are pretty much aligned already, it only seems natural that such a collaboration would eventually occur. Please stay posted for more information soon. In the meantime, make sure you stop by CTIndie.com to check out the latest and greatest music news from around the state.

YES PLEASE, WEST ROCKERS @ Daniel Street – March 18th
March 16, 2010, 8:56 pm
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Following their appearance @ Cafe 9 this Wednesday, Yes Please stops by Milford’s Daniel Street the following night for a reggae/punk showcase with fellow New Haven stalwarts the West Rockers. Among the influences listed on the band’s Myspace page are such reggae rock faves as The Toots and The Maytals and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry as well as The Clash, Beastie Boys and James Brown. Although the reggae influence is fairly evident in most of the band’s material, their sound falls closer to Sublime or more often Operation Ivy, especially the vocals/screams of singer/guitarist Ryland Tunila who at times sounds like a dead ringer for Op. Ivy’s Jesse Michaels. A quick listen to some of the band’s online material proves positive that they function well as either a live or a recording outfit (see above live footage for evidence of the former), always a promising combination. More energetic than groove heavy, although definitely adept at both, Yes Please will definitely leave you wanting more.

If When You Go:
Daniel Street
21+ / $5 cover
music starts after 9pm


Not to be forgotten amongst all of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at Cafe Nine this week is the Mountain Movers / Able Anchors / Tallahassee show occurring this Tuesday, March 16th. One of the more consistently great bands in the New Haven area, The Mountain Movers brand of hooky-psychedelica has always been worth checking out, both live and on record. The most recent effort from songwriter Dan Greene & Co. ‘The Day Calls Out For You’ (released by locals Safety Meeting Records) has received some positive response in local media, both for Greene’s ever spellbinding songs and its ‘back to basics’ approach to the band’s sound.

Joining The Mountain Movers will be fellow locals Able Anchors. Led by singer/songwriter Thomas Nystrom, Able Anchors hits closer to folk than anything psychedelic, with sometimes subtle / sometimes obvious pop sensibilities shining through. Nystrom’s heartfelt lyrics and vocal delivery in particular carry a lot of the group’s repertoire although on songs such as ‘Pop Song,’ the band’s instrumentation really shines, creating a great melodic accompaniment. Check out their Bandcamp page for a listen to their 3 song ‘Paper Demo.’

Rounding out the bill will be Providence by way of Boston by way of Philadelphia’s Tallahassee (confused yet? i am…). Although their geographic origin may be somewhat less than straightforward, Tallahassee’s musical approach is much more discernible. With instrumentation like guitar, dobro, upright bass, violin, lap steel and mandolin, you can really feel a strong Americana pull to their musical approach. The world-weary tone to their songs wouldn’t feel out of place on a long drive out west in a beat up pickup truck. The band itself is currently on the road in support of their most recent offering ‘Wolfe Moon’ which can be previewed/purchased online through the band’s Myspace page.

If you’re looking for a night’s respite from all the Irish drinking songs as of late, but not the drinking or the good songs, Cafe 9 is the place for you tomorrow night.

If When You Go:
Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm