[NHM] New Haven Music

Tweefort Expands

Tweefort Music and Art is now Tweefort Records. In an e-mail distributed today, Tweefort co-founder Danny Goodwin announced the big news. “After nearly a year of bringing pop music to New Haven, we’ve officially expanded into a free digital net label. We’ve changed our name slightly to agree with the change: TWEEFORT RECORDS. We’ll be focusing mainly on singles, split singles and EPs, but we will have some full-length albums and some select reissues.” Goodwin goes on to mention several new releases that Tweefort already has lined up including a single and EP by New York’s Chariots of Tuna, a single by New Haven’s The Fictional West and a full-on album by Women’s Basketball (a.k.a. Tyler Trudeau of the Tyler Trudeau Attempt). In addition the label will be releasing the second installment of their ‘Home and Abroad’ compilation series this February. Don’t worry though, Tweefort’s shift in focus doesn’t seem to have slowed down Danny and his wife/co-founder Aileen from promoting indie-pop shows. The duo have no less than six shows already lined up for the remainder of the Winter and Spring, including two installments of the ever-popular Artspace Underground and another installment of Elm City Popfest. For those interested in the poppier end of the indie-rock underground, we highly recommend checking out Tweefort.


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