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Ponybird, Calvin DeCutlass, Shawn Bowen, Paul Panamarenko @ Cafe 9 – Jan. 28th
January 28, 2010, 9:02 am
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Every want to go to a show and not have to worry about having your ears ring for days afterwards? Well, tonight’s acoustic singer/songwriter show at Cafe Nine might just be what you’re looking for. Aside from the obvious decibel drop, tonight’s acoustic show also includes performances by locals Ponybird (aka Jennifer Dauphinais), Calvin DeCutlass (The Nortons, The Tires), Shawn Bowen (of Murdervan) and Paul Panamarenko. Its a wonderful respite from the full-on rock shows of late, duly highlighting the fact that good shows don’t always have to be spectacles. Your eardrums will thank you.

If You Go:

@ Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

Manic Productions presents Retribution Gospel Choir, Apse, Arms & Legs @ Daniel Street – Jan. 27th

One more show to add to tonight’s live music mayhem…Manic Productions presents Retribution Gospel Choir, Apse and Arms & Legs at Milford’s Daniel Street. This show has already be heavily promoted, including a full article in the January 21st issue of the New Haven Advocate. Retribution Gospel Choir (Sub Pop) is a newish project by Alan Spearhawk, better known for his work with his wife Mimi in the slow-core outfit Low. Apparently RGC is anything but slow-core though and may surprise some Low fans for their rockiness and velocity. Their second album just came out on Sub Pop records yesterday with this show occurring towards the beginning of a 3 month tour in support of it. Opening for RGC will be CT by way of Cape Cod’s Apse, a band that itself is riding a significant amount of buzz lately. Having just come back from their latest European tour in a series of European tours, Apse can hold their own and will. Lately the band’s sole New Haven (or Connecticut connection for that matter) has been bassist John Mordecai who also plays in Shark and The Tyler Trudeau Attempt. Last but not least is CT.’s Arms & Legs. Featuring two-thirds of Welcome, Arms & Legs will be performing in full-band format for this show. They will also be following RGC down to NYC for a show at Mercury Lounge on Feb. 1st. Enough shows for everyone tonight now?

If You Go:
Manic Productions presents

@ Daniel Street
21+ / $12 cover at door
music starts sometime after 8pm

Mindsnap Music presents THE BLACK NOISE SCAM, BIG BLIND, MILE MARKER ZERO, GRACELAND @ Bix’s Cafe – Jan. 27th

This Wednesday (today?) is really turning out to be the new Saturday this week with news of yet another show in the New Haven area. This time its Mindsnap Music putting together a show out at Branford’s newish rock/metal bar, Bix’s Cafe. Mindsnap (a.k.a. Opus a.k.a. Christian Lawrence of Dead By Wednesday and G-Soul) started the series last year as a way of presenting local and regional hard rock, metal and punk bands up close, personal and free. This week Mindsnap hosts locals The Black Noise Scam (see video), Big Blind, Mile Marker Zero and Graceland. For those looking to sink their teeth into some guitar riffage outside downtown, look no further.

If You Go:
Mindsnap Music presents

@ Bix’s Cafe
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

Drinkdeeply presents HUMANOID, XPUNX, NEUROSPORA @ Cafe 9 – Jan. 27th
January 25, 2010, 6:44 pm
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While we’re on the subject of Cafe Nine, this Wednesday, January 27th Drinkdeeply (a.k.a. Margaret) will be presenting three local bands at the ‘Nine: Humanoid, XPunX and Neurospora. Neurospora’s full on, creepy crawly distortion may be a turn off to some but after repeating listens (and a patient ear), it becomes surprisingly refreshing (at least in comparison to the never ending pop assault heard daily on FM radio). Much the same can be said about Humanoid, a band that revels in creepy super-slow motion guitar sludge (Neurosis anyone?) yet somehow manage to suck you in and keep your attention anyway. Goofy synth-poppers XpunX are the odd-man out on this bill, providing a needed relaxation of intensity from the other bands.

If You Go:
Drinkdeeply presents

@ Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
music starts after 9pm

Beatnik 2000 Tonight at Cafe Nine

Tonight marks installment #506 of the long-running Beatnik 2000 series at Cafe 9. Installment #500 occurred this past December (thats about 10 years worth for all you non-math folks) and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the half-music/half-poetry showcase. Tonight’s music will be brought to you by Ben DeBiase, Primatene Mist Nightmare (that’s a band) and Tyler Trudeau (of The Tyler Trudeau Attempt) with words by the always thoughtful Floatin’ Fred, Billy K and Gary Vollano. As with all Beatnik 2000s, #506 is a 21+/Free event.

If You Go:
Beatnik 2000
hosted by Ed Leonard
with Music by
and Words by

@ Cafe Nine
21+ / FREE
starts after 8pm

Drink Up Buttercup, The Cavemen Go @ GPSCY – Jan. 27th
January 23, 2010, 10:35 pm
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Next Wednesday, January 27th Philadelphia’s Drink Up Buttercup will be joining New Haven’s The Cavemen Go for a show at Yale’s GPSCY bar. Drink Up Buttercup has been receiving a tremendous amount of buzz over the past year with some big press mentions via Pitchfork, NME and even the NY Times. NPR All Songs Considered described them as “psychedelic without being cheesy, this band sounds like a sinister carnival” while the Boston Metro said “they have a great melodic sensibility, but they’re also in love with the glory of cacophony and audience interaction” (see above video for an example). Drink Up Buttercup are currently playing some smaller shows as a run up to the release of their debut album ‘Born And Thrown On A Hook’ due out in March on Yep Roc, so best catch them before they become huge. Also of note, GPSCY will be opening their doors to everyone for this show (not just students), yet another reason to check out what promises to be a great show at a unique venue. Enough of my babbling, here’s the facts:


21+ / $5 cover for non-student members
show starts after 9pm

(Editor’s note: I play drums in the Cavemen Go. We’re pretty good. Drink Up Buttercup are truly awesome though.)

Seeking Apollo, Covin, The Black Richards @ Rudy’s – Jan. 23rd
January 22, 2010, 4:36 pm
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Its almost Saturday again, and you know what that means: another kickin’ show at New Haven’s finest dive bar, Rudy’s. In recent weeks and months the Elm Street bar has been picking up the slack for the relative drought of venues in New Haven right now. Recent shows have included the Black Hollies, the Manchurians and 76% Uncertain. This week the venue brings in hard rockers Seekiing Apollo (of NYC), Covin (of New Haven) and The Black Richards (of Danbury). From all angles the trio seems well-matched, both for their hard rock/metal sensibilities and volume (and for this venue that means bring earplugs). For those looking to cut loose a bit this weekend, look no further.

If You Go:

@ Rudy’s
21+ / $3 cover
music starts after 10pm